Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Armstrong Hardwood Flooring

Armstrong Hardwood Flooring (Armstrong Wood Flooring | Armstrong Hardwood Floors)

ArmstrongArmstrong Wood Flooring is one of the leading manufacturers of hardwood flooring in the United States. Armstrong Hardwood Flooring (also known as Hartco Wood Flooring), offers everything — from engineered to solid hardwood flooring, from domestic wood species to exotic wood species, from square edges and ends to micro-bevel, from low gloss to semi gloss, from narrow strips to extra wide planks — there really is something for every home from Armstrong Hardwood Flooring.

Premier Performance from Armstrong Hardwood Flooring may be one of the most talked about collections of the year, featuring a 35 year residential warranty and an Acrylic Infused wear layer, creating an extra-durable surface. In addition, one of the most popular engineered and solid collections from Armstrong Hardwood Flooring is their Valenza collection. The Valenza collection from Armstrong Hardwood features the most popular exotic wood species in both a ¾” thick solid wood floor construction and also a 5/8” thick engineered wood floor with a thick wear layer.

In addition to the vast array of styles available from Armstrong Hardwood Flooring, there is also something for every price range, so even homeowners on a strict budget can put a top quality Armstrong Hardwood Floor in their home. For more information on Armstrong Hardwood Flooring



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