Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Alloc Laminate Flooring

Alloc Laminate Flooring

Alloc Laminate Flooring is a laminate manufacturer internationally famous for their top of the line laminate floors and constant innovations. Alloc Laminate offers both High Pressure Laminates and Direct Pressure Laminates. They also offer a unique aluminum locking system in the Alloc Original Collection, the Alloc Commercial Collection and the Alloc Domestic Collection. Homeowners also love the wax-impregnated edges found on Alloc Laminate flooring products, which increases water resistance. In a move to make installation even easier, Alloc has created a Monotrack for quick installation of the matching moldings for their laminate floors. Alloc Laminate floors are becoming harder and harder to get in the United States, as these products need to be shipped from overseas — but can afford to wait the longer than usual shipping times, Alloc is a product well worth it.



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