Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Can I Use Solid Wood Flooring in Basements?

Solid Wood Flooring in Basements (Solid wood floors in basements | Solid hardwood floors in basements)

3/4 inch thick Solid wood flooring is more susceptible to moisture than an engineered wood floor so it should not be directly glued down over a concrete slab because it may absorb any moisture from a damp basement or moisture transfer from the concrete slab.

If you have a finished basement that has been dry for years and want to take a chance, then I would recommend laying a layer of 4-6 mil plastic vapor barrier directly over the concrete running the plastic 4 inches up the walls, over lap and tape all joints with duck tap. Then glue and screw two layers of 1/2 inch thick CDX plywood together (the top plywood layer running in the opposite direction to the bottom layer). Then lay a course of 15 lb black hardwood flooring felt paper over the plywood overlaping the seams by 4-6 inches.  Then install the 3/4 inch solid wood flooring over that.

Remember that you will be adding a total height of 1-1/4 inches which may interfere with existing baseboard heating heights or doorways.

To eliminate the extra cost factor  to build this additional subfloor you may be better off using a Floating engineered wood floor which can be installed directly over the 4-6 mil plastic and the foam pad.


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  • Brandon

    Yeah that’s not exactly true. So long as the concrete slab is at or above ground level you can glue solid hardwood down. That said you still need to apply a paintable moisture barrier or sealer to the slab before gluing.

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