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Engineered Flooring Review: Anderson Virginia Vintage

By Crystal Hosking, Hosking Hardwood Flooring

For those looking for a handscraped engineered hardwood floor, one of the most popular choices is the Virginia Vintage collection from Anderson Floors. Authentic looks, beautiful craftmanship, rich colors and tested durability: Virginia Vintage has it all.

Anderson Floors

A company that’s been in the hardwood flooring business for over 6 decades (founded in 1946), Anderson Floors has been a leader in quality hardwood flooring and hardwood flooring innovation longer than most. Anderson is consistently in the top 3 hardwood flooring brands most inquired about at, mostly due to interest in their Virginia Vintage collections.

What Makes Virginia Vintage so Exceptional?

The Virginia Vintage collection from Anderson Floors features handscraped texture more realistic than almost any other hardwood flooring manufacturer and for good reason: the Virginia Vintage handscraped texture is applied via human artisan vs. machinery scraping used by other manufacturers. While scrapes created by machinery can become monotonous and calculated, scraping by artisans ensures that every plank of flooring has unique character and texture. Chisel marks, checks, scraping, half moon indentations and chatter marks all come together to create a masterpiece for your home. No two handscraped planks are the same.

andersonscrapeAdding to the list of reasons Anderson Floors’ Virginia Vintage is so amazing is the fact that it is produced right here in the United States. The Made in America stance is proudly boasted by Anderson Floors and is definitely a quality that they hold over many other engineered hardwood flooring manufacturers in the marketplace today. Anderson understands the economical and qualitative benefits of producing product within the U.S. borders and intend on continuing support of the U.S. workforce. Unique in the industry, Anderson created a Prison Work Program, incorporating the training of prisoners in South Carolina and Tennessee in the craft of handscraping. This instills in them a skill as well as a positive hard work ethic. The competitive wages earned from the Prison Work Program are divided between the state, victims and the prisoners’ families.

Aside from the authentic surface texture of the handscraped Virginia Vintage, Anderson also displays a structurally strong cross-locked engineered construction resulting in a total thickness of 1/2 IN., including a healthy 3mm wear layer. This is a very stable engineered floor and will stand up to the trials and tribulations of everyday household traffic.

andersoncolorsAvailable in a range of colors and wood species, Anderson has tested their Virginia Vintage 1/2 IN. collection and approved it for installation over radiant heating systems. Virginia Vintage engineered can be floated, stapled down or glued down directly to the subfloor in virtually any room of the home and over a variety of subfloor types.

But wait, there’s more! Anderson has taken their skillful craftsmanship from their engineered line of Virginia Vintage and applied it to a 3/4 IN. thick solid plank. This nail down handscraped floor has all the beauty of an antiqued floor with the solid construction that homeowners love.

Durability is further enforced by the Aluminum Oxide factory applied finish, which supports the 50 Year Residential Finish Warranty offered with Virginia Vintage in both the engineered and solid collections.

Product Support

Customer Service is definitely important in determining the quality and reliability of a hardwood flooring brand. The manufacturer’s willingness to communicate openly with their retailers or with the end consumer can be a make it or break it factor. After working with Anderson Hardwood Floors for many years, we can certainly attest to their high level of customer service and open information flow and our customers always gush about the level of attention they receive when contacting Anderson directly.

Their website is user friendly and chock full of clear product specifications, installation instructions and warranty information. Anderson also offers free samples of their product shipped direct to you, which can be ordered via their website: You can also find Anderson Floors involved with all the most popular social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.), further increasing their connectivity in the market.


Ultimately, Anderson claims to be a “family brand” and they are exactly that. They treat their employees, retailers and customers with respect. They offer high quality engineered and solid collections with an authentic antiqued appearance. Their after purchase support for both the retailer and the end consumer is some of the best in the industry. There’s no question as to why homeowners ask for Anderson Virginia Vintage by name.

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