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All About Hand Scraped Hard Wood Flooring

Hand scraped hardwood floors (Hand scraped wood flooring | Hand scraped wood floors)

FloorScraping2There’s a renewed interest in Old! Back in the early centuries before big precision machinery were invented Hardwood Flooring boards were cut from logs using long two man hand saws. Since there were no motorized machine planers invented yet to run these wood boards through to smooth the surface, they were simply installed showing the heavy rough sawn blade marks or they were installed where workers would then tediously hand scraped the hard wood flooring flat using wide sharp steel scraping blades or draw knifes.  Quality of smoothness of the hardwood floors often depended quite a bit on the craftsmanship of the men doing the scraping. The outcome usually showed distinctive gouges and grooves within the surface of the wood flooring  More care was used in the more affluent homes and less care and attentiveness was given to homes rural settings or farm houses creating quite a different look.

In the early 1900s hand scraping wood flooring by hand was eventually replaced by the portable electric sanding machines that would sand the unevenness from a hardwood floor after it was installed. As time progressed more precision sanding machines were introduced that turned the old uneven hardwood flooring into a finely finished floor.  Hand scraping wood floors were a thing of the past.

Approx 10 years ago there seemed to be a revival of that old rustic hand scraped hardwood floor charm and character. Hardwood Flooring manufacturers who cater to the interior designers/decorators were told that that the aged worn look of was in vogue. Influencing some manufacturers to produced their own versions of what they thought hand scraped wood flooring should look like, some were realistic and some were not.

Some manufacturers offer their hand scraped wood flooring or sculptured hardwood flooring by simply running their hardwood flooring boards through machines called shapers that creates 5-6 furrows down the whole center of the board. This gives the boards a very wavy look.

Other manufacturers actually have artisans uniquely hand scrape and gouge the surface of the wood floor boards prior to them being prefinished at the factory.

Coming from a long history of restoring and duplicating these  beautifully old worn hardwood floors, I personally prefer the authentic look that replicate areas within the floor where items may have been dropped over the years causing dents or chips within the hardwood flooring surface or worn areas within the wood flooring.  Using older stain colors uniquely adds depth and age to re create that old world charm of  true handscraped wood flooring.  For More information on Hand Scraped wood flooring.


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  • Holly

    We are building a new house and want to do the Hand Scraped Hard Wood Flooring. Is this something my husband can do or do we need to hire someone for the job. These floors are awesome and we really want to put then in our new house. Any tips and advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Holly & Dusty McMurry

  • Installing your own hardwood flooring can be a very intense DIY project — but it can be done. Easiest DIY installs are click locking floating floors (engineered) — you just click the boards together over an underlayment and you’re done.

    Engineered flooring that can be floated would be the next easiest, as you just glue the seams together with a floating wood glue.

    Nail and staple down installations (solid or engineered) can be a bit harder but once you get a hang of the nail/staple gun, installation goes a bit more quickly.

    Glue down applications (engineered and thinner solids) are probably the most tedious and messy.

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