Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Hardwood Flooring Prices are on the Rise!

Hardwood Flooring Shortages are Here! and Prices On the Rise!

It is hard to believe that in this economy that any sector of business would dare to increase the cost of their goods to the consumer. But it is true and it is real.

White Oak Natural3Let’s face it the economy has been terrible for the last 3 years, in particular the housing and home improvement industry which has really been hit hard.  Because consumers are not buying new homes or remodeling existing ones it creates a chain reaction where the manufacturers slow down, lay off employees and order much less of their raw wood.  If manufacturers slow down then the Loggers do not go into the forest to harvest the trees.

Producing lumber for hardwood flooring does not just happen over night, flooring manufacturers have to try and guess what they expect their orders of hardwood flooring will be at least 9 months ahead,  then they have to have independent loggers go into the forest to harvest selected areas. That lumber then has to be transported to the mill where its air dried for several months and then kiln dried and processed into whatever the wood is being made into. This process takes months and with the troubled economy no one wants to have millions of dollars of raw wood stock piled sitting around.  So what this means is whatever material is on hand goes up in price and whatever comes in to be milled costs more.

So either buy your flooring now or be prepared for higher costs for hardwood flooring in the very near future. One advantage we have here at Hosking Hardwood Flooring is that we purchase our flooring by the truck load and as of right now we have a lot of quality hardwood flooring in stock in our warehouses where we plan on keeping our prices down for as long as we can, Check out our IN-STOCK specials website at for quality flooring at below wholesale prices. While our supplies last!


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