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How to buy hardwood flooring

How to buy Hardwood Flooring ( Cheap Wood Flooring )

There is more to think of when it comes to purchasing hardwood flooring than just a low price. You have to look at the quality of the hardwood flooring selections offered and determine which will best suit your needs. There is no better floor covering value for your home than real Hardwood Flooring…Think of it this way - out of any other home improvement products on the market…do you know of any that can last 60-100 years and have it appreciate over time? I don’t …Value is the key word when it comes to making a decision that you can spend several thousands of dollars on. Making the smart hardwood flooring choice will eliminate wasted money and headaches later on.

If your home is going to receive a lot of foot traffic you would want it to last the longest (60-100) years and you would want it to have the ability to be sanded and refinished New again at least 4-7 times in the future once it gets worn.

Does this mean you have to spend $8-12 sf for your new Hardwood flooring, not at all. At Hosking hardwood Flooring we offer all the Quality Brand Name Wood flooring at a fraction of the cost of retail stores. We have the ability to purchase our Hardwood flooring by the Truckloads and pass the savings to you. So simply don’t purchase cheap flooring somewhere because it’s cheap as you will always get what you pay for and it will not give you any value as it simply will not last long enough. Why have to replace your flooring every 5-10 years?   Purchase Quality Hardwood flooring that will last you the longest, That’s Real Value!


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  • my room size is dining room 12×12 living room 18×12 living room shoud I use 2 1/4 or 3 1/4 wide boards. advantage disadvantage between above sizes

  • felt paper underlayment pros and cons

  • Hi Larry
    Choosing the width of a board is really a personal choice, traditionally 2-1/4 inch wide boards are more common, but in the last 20 years the 3-1/4 widths have gained quite a bit in popularity so where they are about tied in the market for choice.

    30 years ago Red rosin paper was popular to use as an underlayment because it had a wax type coating on it that helped retard any moisture transfer though which can affect the wood flooring. But the Red Rosin paper nowadays has no protective film and has no real benefit other than to act as a slip sheet between the subfloor and the flooring allowing the boards to slide together easier during the installation.

    We recommend using 15lb black felt hardwood flooring paper (not roofing felt) as it has no harmful coatings but provides a vapor retarder to help protect the wood flooring.

    Thank you for your questions!
    Jeff Hosking

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