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HydroCork: The newest in Luxury Vinyl Plank

By Crystal Hosking, Hosking Hardwood Flooring

One of the newest additions to our site, Hosking Hardwood Flooring, is also one of the most durable, comfortable and beautiful Luxury Vinyl Plank options available on the market today. HydroCork is made by Wicanders, which is already a high ranking player in the cork industry. Wicanders has taken cork to a new level with HydroCork, by combining an agglomerate cork composite core with a durable top decorative layer. This new flooring hybrid therefore boasts all the comfort of cork flooring along with all the durability of traditional Luxury Vinyl Planks at a very affordable price. Talk about bang for your buck!


Let’s take a look at all the benefits of HydroCork:

Versatility with Installation

HydroCork has a total thickness of 6mm. So, in addition to being able to install it over standard subfloors, such as plywood or concrete, it is also perfect for renovations (installation over existing floor covering types). It can easily be installed over flat tile or vinyl (carpet would need to be taken up). The thinner dimension will prevent crazy height differences when transitioning to other floors in your home or for clearance under doors. HydroCork is also approved for installation over Radiant Heating Systems, which are becoming increasingly popular in new homes. Additionally, HydroCork is approved to be installed at any grade of the home as well as in commercial applications. **25 Year Residential Warranty/15 Year Commercial Warranty.

Ease of Installation

As homeowners get craftier and more budget minded, they tend to skew towards DIY projects to save money. This tendency does not exclude new flooring installation. Flooring manufacturers have lately taken this into consideration and have sought to make flooring installations easier and easier through the use of click locking, glueless technology.

HydroCork features an exclusive PressFit locking system unique to cork. Simply line up one plank to the next and press the joints together. The cork locking system is compressed with the addition of pressure on the board and then expands back to lock the joint. Planks can be cut by simply measuring, scoring and snapping the unnecessary length off. Pressure is applied with the help of a rubber mallet. Installing a new floor in your home has never been easier.


These HydroCork Luxury Vinyl Planks are glueless, so there’s no mess during installation and you will only need a vapor barrier if you’re installing below grade (basement level). The PressFit locking system guarantees a strong and stable seam for ultra dimensional stability.

Insulating Properties

Cork has some great natural properties that really benefit the home and the inhabitants of the home when used as a floor covering. These benefits carry over to HydroCork because of the cork core. Firstly, HydroCork is going to offer better acoustic insulation than traditional hard surface floor coverings. It will be less noisy when walked on and will help a little to soundproof a room. Secondly, the natural thermal insulating properties of HydroCork means your floor will be warmer to the touch and will help with room temperature consistency, cutting down on energy expenses.

Cushion Effect

Cork acts as a natural cushion. When impressed upon, cork will bounce back to its initial shape. This means, not only does HydroCork offer more comfort when walking on it, but it also is easier on joints and tendons when walking on it, making for a more wellness-minded room. Along the same lines, HydroCork is a lot more impact resistant than traditional hard surface floors like hardwood or tile. This property makes HydroCork ideal for high energy rooms, like kitchens. Dishes and glasses are more likely to make it out intact when dropped on HydroCork, and without damaging your floor.


Water Resistant

Finally, there is an affordable floor covering on the market that is also water resistant! HydroCork will not swell when exposed to humidity or water. This makes it perfect for installation in bathrooms and kitchens, where water and spills are more prevalent. **For more information on installing HydroCork in bathrooms, check out the HydroCork Installation Instructions.

Realistic Visuals

HydroCork offers a range of colors and wood species visuals with ultra realistic wood like textures. Guests who don’t know they’re walking on vinyl will think it’s real hardwood.

Ultimately, HydroCork offers benefits for any home at an affordable price. From quiet residences to busy households with kids and/or pets, HydroCork offers the best of beauty, comfort and durability. You can view the different colors/styles of HydroCork here on our site: Wicanders HydroCork Click LVT.


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  • Sara Robinson

    Haven’t heard about this but I think my friend is planning to install this in some of his new infrastructure as he is a builder. But now I got a wonderful insight on this thanks to you. As it is something new in the flooring I would prefer reputed commercial flooring companies in Brisbane to do this for my house.

  • Tejas


    I have vct flooring currently and would this work in a doctors office …ie patient room? Would withstand better than Armstrong or karnedean or harbinger lvt? Thank you for response

  • Hi Tejas,

    The Hydrocork is great for commercial settings and comes with a 15 year commercial warranty. The Hydrocork has a huge list of benefits as well. There is an informative video here on our site explaining all the benefits of Hydrocork:

  • Have installed several jobs of Hydrocork. There have been many issues of product having over and unders on sides and ends(very concerning.). Some of the boards will not stay together no matter how much you work on it. The subfloor must be perfectly level and then it still might not stay together. Really concerning situations…the product was presented to me as a imperfect subfloor product, that would hide issues… B.S.!!

  • Wicanders is now telling us to glue it down to wood subfloors….thanks Wicanders great job!

  • stacy gediman

    is it formaldehyde free ? phalspahte free?
    chemical free? non toxic ? what about the off gassing ?
    whats it made of ? where is it made?
    please help thanks !

  • Hi Stacy,

    You’ll find technical information on the Wicanders site here: (last page). HydroCork is made in Portugal (this is also where the cork comes from).

  • terri

    hi is this the same a luxury vinyl planks ?. i am rebuilding our house and was told to use LVP by our contractor

  • Hi Terri,

    The Hydrocork is considered luxury vinyl plank flooring. The difference between this brand and other LVT brands is that it uses a layer of cork as the core, which offers a lot of great benefits.

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