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Laminate Flooring Review: Alloc Prestige

By Crystal Hosking, Hosking Hardwood Flooring

prestigeconcreteAlloc, a hard hitting player offering top quality flooring products in the laminate flooring industry, recently introduced their Prestige Laminate Flooring collection and it’s getting rave reviews. Alloc has always been a company to produce top quality laminate flooring and their Prestige collection is no different.


Measuring at almost 1/2 IN. thick and available in two widths: 5 IN. and 12 IN., Prestige is a laminate collection tough enough to stand up to light, medium and heavy commercial settings with consistent heavy traffic. A High Pressure Laminate (HPL) in a sea of Direct Pressure Laminate, Prestige really stands out and stands up against the competition. The wear resistant surface is super low maintenance, stain resistant and dent resistant. The HPL construction means less edge chipping during installation, more moisture resistance during everyday use and higher impact resistance. Because of all of these coveted characteristics, Alloc’s Prestige Laminate gets an AC6 Rating for its abrasion resistance and an IC4 Rating for its impact resistance. Alloc is so confident in their Prestige collection that they offer it with a Lifetime Residential Warranty and a 12 Year Commercial Warranty.


Not only does the Alloc Prestige collection offer superior durability, but it also offers a multitude of sizes, styles (from wood styles to stone tiles to concrete) and surface textures. The 4 sided micro-bevel available on every Prestige Laminate product creates a realistic visual, very comparative to real hardwood flooring (or stone tile).


Installation of Prestige Laminate from Alloc is a breeze with their unique new locking system. The long edges of the Prestige planks feature the 4G aluminum locking system, offering a more flexible installation process. The ends are produced with Alloc’s new 5G side-push drop locking system, making installation of their laminate flooring faster and easier than ever. Also increasing install time is the attached Silent Sound underlayment. Armed with superior sound absorption properties, Prestige Laminate sounds more like a real hardwood floor when you walk across it than its thinner counterparts.

prestigeopenconceptAdditionally, while other laminate floors need to be broken up with an expansion gap and a transition piece (t-molding) when installed in larger spaces, Alloc Prestige can be installed up to 50 linear feet (2500 square feet) without the use of a transition piece. This means a more streamlined look for larger rooms or commercial showrooms.

Ultimately, whether you need a durable laminate floor for a home or for a commercial setting, Prestige Laminate from Alloc will prove over and over that it’s ready for the job. Take a look at Prestige styles here: Alloc Laminate Flooring.

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