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Meet our newest Best Selling Click Lock Hardwood – Northern Lights

By Crystal Hosking, Hosking Hardwood Flooring

Throughout the years, we’ve seen quite a few versions of click locking hardwood floors come and go in the industry. There are the greats – Boen and Kahrs. These brands have been around for years and are known for their high quality products and superb locking systems. And then there are/were some not so greats (names omitted to protect the… guilty?). Anyways, we’re not here to promote a click lock turf war. We are here to shine a spotlight on Northern Lights, the newest click locking hardwood collection to hit our website and currently the most popular amongst our shoppers. Let’s take a look at why:


Northern Lights Hardwood Flooring is a premium click lock engineered wood floor which is 100% made in Canada. It’s the perfect collection for those looking to add a high quality real wood product to their home and it’s even easy enough to install yourself if you want to go the DIY route.

These click locking planks are a little over 5 IN. wide and boast lengths up to 84 IN. The collection features Red Oak, Maple and Birch wood species and includes 12 popular colors. You’ll find Red Oak Natural, Maple Natural and Birch Natural for those who want a light and traditional appearance. Also included are warm brown tones, which are super popular in more casual settings. And, finally, a couple gray tones round out the collection. Gray flooring is super trendy right now and adds a more contemporary ambiance to homes.

The best attribute of the Northern Lights line of hardwood flooring has got to be the Valinge 5G click lock technology incorporated into the board construction. These boards are incredibly easy to install. All you have to do is roll out an appropriate underlayment then measure, cut and click. There are no nails, staples or glue involved at all! It’s perfect if you’re looking to save money by installing yourself; or, if you’ve hired an installer to do the work, typically floating floors come with a lower cost per square foot to install because they are less labor intensive. Because of the superb click lock technology, the board in the Northern Lights Collection can also be unclicked. This is helpful if ever in the future a board becomes damaged beyond repair. Simply unclick the boards that are still looking good, replace the damaged board and then reclick the good boards back into place.

Northern Lights comes with a 35 Year Residential Finish Warranty (and a 3 Year Light Commercial Finish Warranty — so it’s great for small offices too!), but if you find that you want to sand and refinish your floor anytime in the future, you can! This collection features a super thick 4mm wear layer on top (well above the industry average for engineered floors), which can be sanded and refinished 3 to 4 times over the lifetime of the floor.

This collection is approved for installation over radiant heating systems as well as on, above or below grade, so there’s virtually nowhere in the home Northern Lights can’t go!

If you just have to see Northern Lights for yourself, take a look at all the colors available here: Northern Lights Hardwood. You can browse the different stain colors and even order samples which can be shipped directly to your home.

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  • Tony Heitz

    I currently have 3/8” engineered wood flooring glued down over geothermal concrete. We experienced severe water damage to the floor. Removing the existing glued down floor is nearly impossible. Can I install new engineered floating floor over the top with out the foam pad? I don’t want the foam pad to absorb the radiant heat. If so, please recommend a single strip product. I want it to look as close to a real floor as possible. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Tony,

    You would need to use some sort of foam underlayment between the new flooring and the old flooring or you’ll void the warranty. If you use a thin foam pad (not a dense felt/filament pad), it shouldn’t affect heat transfer too much.

  • Karen Twidwell

    Hi, how thick is this? I think I have an old version of this flooring (not laid and in boxes) that is approx 5/8 in thick. It is 3 strip with a similar if not the same click lock system. The issue is I don’t have enough and it is iroko finish. Thanks!

  • Hi Karen,

    The Northern Lights is 1/2 IN. thick and they never offered it in Iroko. Do the cartons have a brand name listed on the side?

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