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Mohawk Hardwood Flooring

Mohawk Hardwood Flooring (Mohawk Wood Flooring | Mohawk Hardwood Floors | Mohawk Engineered Wood Flooring )

MohawkWith over 100 years of experience in producing Carpet, Hardwood Flooring, Laminate Flooring, Ceramic Tile, Area Rugs and more, Mohawk is one of the top and most recognizable producers and suppliers of floor covering products in the industry. Mohawk Hardwood Flooring prides itself on R&D and coming up with the latest innovations and trends in hardwood flooring. Mohawk Hardwood Flooring produces both solid and engineered collections with a variety of styles available and price points. Some Mohawk Hardwood Flooring innovations that really stand out are: Mohawk Greenworks, Mohawk PureBond and Mohawk Scotchgard.

The Lineage Collection from Mohawk features traditional oak floors in solid and engineered wood constructions in a variety of board widths and stain colors. The Revival Collection from Mohawk features domestic wood species other than oak: Ash, Maple, Cherry, etc. A standout point of the Revival Collection from Mohawk is their Click Lock lines, featuring Mohawk Uniclic technologies — making installation a no-glue procedure, easy and fast. The Rarity Collection from Mohawk introduces a global perspective to the Mohawk Hardwood Flooring product line, with exotic wood species in solid and engineered constructions. The most popular and most intriguing hardwood collection from Mohawk is the Artiquity Collection, featuring reclaimed selections of domestic and exotic wood species in an engineered hardwood construction.

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