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MooseWood Hardwood Flooring

By Crystal Hosking, Hosking Hardwood Flooring


At Hosking Hardwood Flooring, we’re always searching for top notch hardwood flooring manufacturers who showcase quality, diversity and durability within their product lines. We’re happy to say, we’ve found these characteristics within the MooseWood Hardwood Flooring line, the newest addition to our digital showroom.

MooseWood Millworks offers a variety of North American wood species including Maple, Yellow Birch, Red Birch and Red Oak in a solid hardwood construction. MooseWood has become increasingly known for their environmental commitment, having recently become affiliated with the Seven Islands Land Company. For over 170 years, this family owned group has managed responsible forestry and harvesting practices in Northern Maine, formally becoming Seven Islands in 1964. They have successfully managed to protect the forests they work with as well as the surrounding wildlife through focused standards and forestry certifications.

Within their product line, MooseWood offers three grade level categories: Clear Grade, Select Grade and Antique Grade. Within each grade level, widths ranging from 2-1/4 IN. to 5 IN. are available. Choose from a beautiful natural North American wood species, or complement your room with a warmly stained hardwood product.

Natural Red Birch Solid Hardwood Flooring from MooseWood

Natural Red Birch Solid Hardwood Flooring from MooseWood

One of the major reasons that homeowners are drawn to the MooseWood brand is because of their Red Birch offering. Available within their Select Grade, Red Birch showcases the heartwood of the Birch tree and is slightly different than Yellow Birch, offering natural golden brown coloring and subtle red undertones. Prefinished solid Red Birch hardwood flooring can be difficult to find in the marketplace, but MooseWood has got you covered.

Keeping production inside the United States, all MooseWood solid hardwood flooring is proudly Made in Maine and the company has ultimately become a leader in sustainable practice from the seeds of the trees to the finished product. We believe that MooseWood Hardwood Flooring is a hugely positive addition to and we’re looking forward to offering our customers a high quality hardwood flooring product straight from the forests of New England.


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