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Vintage Hardwood UV Oil — Not Your Average Oiled Floor

By Crystal Hosking, Hosking Hardwood Flooring

**Muskoka has changed their brand name to “Vintage Hardwood.” In this blog post, consider “Muskoka” and “Vintage” as the same.

Although most of the prefinished hardwood floors we offer are done in a standard Aluminum Oxide Finish cured under UV lights for ultimate durability, we have been seeing more and more top hardwood flooring brands offering special oiled flooring options. There are quite a few benefits of installing an oil finished floor in your home, but there are also some drawbacks to be aware of. For more in depth information on standard oiled floors, take a look at: How to Clean Your Oil Finished Wood Floors.

Summing up the benefits:

  • The oil finish soaks into the surface of the wood, filling the pores and creating a tough surface
  • Shallow surface scratches can be “spot repaired” by re-oiling that specific section of floor
  • Oil finishes often offer a matte sheen, which is often desired for specific aesthetics
  • Oiled floors typically stand up to normal residential traffic pretty well, often just needing to be swept or vacuumed on a weekly basis

Now, for the more annoying aspects of oiled floors:

  • Oil finished floors, for the most part, need to be oiled immediately after installation of the hardwood and then allowed to cure
  • Although weekly maintenance of oiled floors can be low-key, most manufacturers recommend routinely re-oiling the entire floor every year
  • If a deeper clean is needed, standard cleaning products cannot be used — you must use a cleaner specifically made for oiled floors

Now that that little refresher on standard oiled floors is over, let me introduce you to Muskoka’s UV Oil Floors.


Although not exclusive to just these collections, the Muskoka Etched Collections and Wirebrushed Collection feature their UV Urethane Oil Finish. The Etched and Wirebrushed surface textures really add a lot of depth and interest to a room and the special Muskoka Oil Finish has a lot to do with that. The UV Oil Finish from Muskoka is unique in that it kind of takes the best of both worlds to form a tough surface that’s easy to maintain. It has the low maintenance features of an Aluminum Oxide finish but with the spot repair benefits of an oiled floor. More specifically, the UV Oil Finish from Muskoka is non-oxidative — so it’s a lot less work.

Maintenance for Muskoka flooring with UV Urethane Oil finishes:

  • Muskoka floors with this oil finish do not need to be oiled immediately after installation
  • They do not require yearly oiling maintenance
  • If a shallow scratch occurs, Muskoka recommends using Loba Aqua Oil to spot repair the scratch
  • If a deep scratch occurs, Muskoka offers color matching pens and fill sticks to repair the gouge prior to applying the Loba Parkett Oil for repair

lobaoilOne thing to keep in mind when spot repairing Muskoka UV Oiled floors is that once you apply the Loba Oil, you would need to start re-oiling that area on a yearly basis (like you would a standard oiled floor). This is because the reparative Loba oil is an oxidizing oil (oxygen in the air will break down the oil, ultimately degrading the quality and drying it up) whereas the special UV Urethane Oil applied at the Muskoka factory is non-oxidizing.

Aside from being the standard finish applied to Muskoka’s Etched and Wirebrushed floors, homeowners can also special order the UV Urethane Oil finish on most of Muskoka’s other products. The UV Oil offers an ultra matte sheen that is really on trend right now.

For a more in depth look at the recommendations from Muskoka for regular cleaning and maintenance of their UV Oiled Flooring: Muskoka UV Oil Care and Maintenance.

We offer the full line of Muskoka Etched and Wirebrushed products. You can view them all here in the Muskoka section of our website: Muskoka Hardwood Flooring. Samples available.

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