Sunday, March 29, 2020

Protecting your Hardwood Floor from the Holiday Season

By Crystal Hosking, Hosking Hardwood Flooring

The holiday season is fast approaching. This means family and friend get togethers, dinners, parties and an overall hectic atmosphere in the home. Make sure to take steps now to protect your hardwood and laminate flooring so you’re not surprised with unsightly scratches and dents at the beginning of the new year, when everything settles down. A little proactive protection now can go a long way.


Check your tables, chairs and other pieces of furniture to make sure they all have chair glides attached. Make sure there’s nothing caught in the felt of the chair glides (dirt, dust, rocks) and that they are in good condition. If the felt part of the chair glide isn’t clean, even the smallest particles have the potential to cause damage to a hardwood floor. If your furniture has no chair glides, make sure to get some on ASAP! Chair glides are inexpensive and incredibly easy to attach to furniture. Even just every day use of chairs and tables without chair glides can damage hardwood. We find that a lot of excessive scratching comes from chairs being slid out and in at dining room tables. It’s something a lot of homeowners don’t think about until it’s too late.

Additionally, damage to hardwood occurs often at parties when guests are socializing in high heels or hard shoes. If you’re expecting a lot of people at your home during the holiday season, you may want to protect your hardwood with a small, festive area rug in the main room of your party or a temporary runner in any well traveled hallway. In a more casual setting, you may even be able to ask guests to remove their shoes at the door.

Speaking of the entrance to your home, many destructive factors can be brought in from the outside. Dirt, rocks, snow and ice melt can really terrorize a hardwood floor and cause permanent damage. Make sure any entrance to your home has mats at the doorways to catch any of these harmful elements potentially coming in on guests’ shoes.

Don’t forget to show your hardwood flooring some TLC after the holiday season. For tips and advice on cleaning hardwood floors check out: How to Clean Your Hardwood Floors.


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