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Q: What’s Black and White and Trendy All Over?

By Crystal Hosking, Hosking Hardwood Flooring

Black&WhiteA: Hardwood Flooring

One trend that keeps coming up again and again is the desire for dramatic flooring. Whether it’s for a contemporary residential setting or a chic commercial establishment, we are constantly being challenged to find the best black floors and, in high contrast, the best white floors on the market today. We’ve taken a look through the 1,000’s of hardwood flooring choices on our website catalog and have come up with the blackest of the black flooring and the whitest of the white flooring for anyone searching for these atypical, yet astonishing, options in hardwood flooring.

Black Hardwood Floors

When thinking of dark flooring, dark chocolate brown tones or deep mahoganies might come to mind, but to get supremely dramatic, start thinking of pure black stained hardwood as an option. Black hardwood flooring is great for bringing out motivation in a room, as an unexpected substitute for traditional natural flooring colors. When paired with brighter colors, black flooring really makes these colors pop and definitely adds a sense of expressivity to your room.

Armstrong Hardwood Premier Performance Maple Black

Armstrong Hardwood Premier Performance Maple Black

In this Premier Performance Maple Black floor from Armstrong Hardwood, the bright walls of the kitchen really stand out when juxtaposed to the darkness of the floors. From elegant to fun and creative, you can use black floors in the home to create any ambiance and fit your own personal style.

Other excellent black hardwood options include:

Kahrs Living Collection Oak Coal City

Kahrs Vineyard Collection Oak Estacado

Max Windsor Egyptian Onyx

Bruce Turlington American Exotics Hickory Peppercorn

Bruce Turlington American Exotics Birch Peppercorn

Plantation White Oak Wenge Black Wire Brushed

Lauzon Red Oak Northern Classics Onyx.

Teragren Bamboo Portfolio Series Midnight Black

Teragren Bamboo Portfolio Series Midnight Black

In addition to finding pure black stains in hardwood flooring constructions, bamboo flooring manufacturers are also satisfying this dark trend. Bamboo products are popular, in their own right, because of their environmentally friendly properties and, now, with all the color possibilities available, design potential is limitless.

Teragren Bamboo has created their Portfolio Series, featuring an array of popular flooring colors and, in particular, their awe-inspiring Midnight Black, as seen here to the left. Again, notice how the contrast of black against red makes the color really stand out.

It is important to note that black floors do have a tendency to make small spaces look smaller, so if you do want this dramatic look in your home without coming off as constrictive, you might want to stick to using it in larger rooms or make sure smaller rooms have lots of windows and/or mirrors. Pops of color help make furniture and artwork stand out beautifully against the backdrop of black flooring.

White Hardwood Floors

As a stark contrast to drama infused black hardwood floors, white hardwood flooring is also becoming highly sought after in residential and commercial settings. White opens up a room and the design possibilities are really endless. Most homeowners searching for pure white floors are going for a very casual look. White flooring is most popular in beach inspired homes or in rooms with lots of windows, allowing sunlight to shine in and illuminate the exquisite white hardwood flooring.

Lauzon Designer Elements Maple Bianco

Lauzon Designer Elements Maple Bianco

The flooring shown here to the right is from Lauzon’s Designer Elements Collection of solid and engineered flooring. Hard Maple Bianco is a perfect white stained flooring selection, opening up the room and allowing décor elements like furniture and artwork stand out while at the same time becoming a focal point itself for being an unusual design option. A white floor will stand out in any guest’s mind.

Other snow white options for your home include:

Kahrs Linnea Living Collection Oak Cloud

Kahrs Bayside Collection Oak Hilo

Anderson Virginia Vintage Oyster Hand Scraped

Baltic Ash Cream 3-strip

For commercial applications and other high traffic areas where you might want to consider a more durable construction, but still want a trendy white look, there are many laminate options available. For example, QuickStep Laminate offers White Brushed Pine (shown below) in their Eligna Collection of laminate flooring which will stand up to the most testing situations.

QuickStep Eligna White Brushed Pine

QuickStep Eligna White Brushed Pine

Additional laminate flooring options for pure white coloring include Nantucket Pine from the Pergo Laminate Elegant Expressions Planks Collection and Bleached Pine from the Pergo Laminate Accolade Collection.

Ultimately, both black flooring and white flooring can be found in a variety of constructions and used in the home or in commercial settings for a strikingly beautiful space that’s sure to be a conversation piece. These might not be what comes to mind when you think about typical hardwood flooring options for the home, but for a creative twist away from traditional, black and white are some fun flooring options.


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