Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Solid Red Birch Hardwood Flooring

by Crystal Hosking, Hosking Hardwood Flooring

rs_redbirchRed Birch is huge right now.

The counterpart of Yellow Birch, Red Birch is the heartwood of the Birch tree while Yellow Birch is the more prominent sapwood of the Birch tree. Yellow Birch is typically more readily available, but Red Birch just has a bit more pizzazz. Red Birch showcases beautiful red undertones and has subtly interesting grain patterns, making it an amazing and much talked about addition to any room in your home. As it’s a lighter color, Red Birch flooring works really well to open up spaces — but there’s still a bit of color variation from board to board, preventing the viewer from getting bored.

Red Birch falls at a 1260 on the Janka Hardness Scale, just a smidge softer than Red Oak. It works well in rooms with average residential traffic, but you might want to keep it away from heavier trafficked areas of the home or heavy commercial settings.

Because of discrepancies in supply versus demand, quality Red Birch flooring has become a bit difficult to find and lead times are steadily increasing. Luckily, we just got in a new shipment of premium quality solid Red Birch hardwood flooring and right now it’s at an amazing price: Red Birch Natural Select & Better.

red birch

This is a 3/4 IN. thick solid hardwood Red Birch floor, 3-1/4 IN. wide. It’s made by Lauzon Wood Floors — so you know it’s premium stuff. This Canadian mill has super strict milling standards and an impeccable grading system for their hardwood flooring. This Red Birch floor is a Select & Better grade, so you’ll find a little bit of shade variation from board to board, but for the most part it will be uniform coloring. You’ll also find subtle and wispy grain lines, characteristic of Birch. ┬áLauzon offers this hardwood floor with a 30 Year Residential Finish Warranty and a Lifetime Structural Warranty.

Click on the picture of Red Birch above to seeing all sale pricing and order samples of this floor. But we’ve only got a limited quantity in stock, so don’t delay!


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