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Tarkett Laminate Flooring

Tarkett Laminate Flooring ( Tarkett Laminate Floors)

Tarkett LaminateTarkett Laminate Flooring is a reliable choice for your home. Currently, Tarkett Laminate has five collections in their laminate line: New Frontiers (featuring exotic wood species), Journeys, Cross Country, Trek (Value Collection) and Escapade (Value Collection). Many of the collections from Tarkett Laminate come with a Lifetime Warranty (Value Collections are 25 years) and feature the Tarkett Americore — meaning that their laminate flooring collections (except for Value Collections) are produced with 100% hardwood core boards (Cherry & Oak), ensuring superior durability and indentation resistance.

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  • jim bandauskas

    tarkett laminate interlock system is terrible over concrete. It will repeatedly come loose. very frustrating. It took two full weeks to do 600 square. I purchased the newport brand from menards.

  • Hi Jim
    Sorry to hear that, Although we don’t sell that particular collection I am surprised that it was difficult to install. Did you call Menard’s or Harris directly to see what they say about it? The product may have been defective. Laminate flooring is generally very easy to install.

  • Jason

    Can you use Tarkett Cross country with Tarkett Escapade? I need approx 12 square feet to finish a room and found out that Tarkett Escapade is discontinued.

  • Hi Jason
    Usually different collections have a different appearance and it is also possible to have differences in their tongue and groove locking system. What I would suggest to do is to call Harris and see if they have any of the older stock left anywhere and while your speaking to them ask them exactly what the difference is between the two and if you could use the cross country style with the Escapade. Good luck!

  • Tony Mundahl

    I will be installing Tarkett Newport laminate flooring that has soundblock backing. Is it required to us and underlayment such as Quiet Cor or can it be installed directly on the sub floor?

  • Hi Tony
    If that laminate flooring has a foam backing then you should not have to use an additional foam underlayment. A too soft or thick underlayment could cause the flooring to flex too much when walked on.

  • Kim Miller

    Can tarkett laminate interlock be used in a bathroom? Is it water resistant?

  • Hi Kim
    Laminate flooring can be installed in a bathroom, but caulking should be used around the walls, tub and toilet to prevent any water from getting under the flooring. Care should be taken as to not get the flooring overly wet as water can seep through the seams of the boards if left on the flooring. For more on Tarkett Laminate flooring

  • Leha

    I bought autum walnut from menards and now they changed the name to italian walnut and changed the thickness 1/16 of an inch and I need 2 more pieces and I cant get it!!! grr

  • Laminate flooring combines natural looking design with a strong, hard wearing finish that can be used in almost any area of the home. Laminate Flooring comes in various designs now so you can choose the style and finish of your choice to suit your home.

  • Dale

    Is there a way to lock seams after the floor has been laid. the person hired left seam that are not sealed and when you walk on the floor you can feel the crack , Could one use a scraper and gently tap the edges down?

  • Dale if the flooring is a click lock type you can re click the joint tight but you will have to find out what wall the installation was finished on and un lock them all, back to that loose board.

  • scott nault

    i am having the same problem that jim was having on the peices comming apart after i get the three rows together I try to slide them to the wall in the bacement and they come apart. I am getting upset on this matter. I also bought it at menards.

  • Don Fields

    sorry hit send before I was done! we had a water spill in our family room where we have tarkett wood flooring. the floor lifted and there is swelling besides water stains. Is there anything we can do to get rid of the swelling and stains? we have tried a dehumidifer and fans.

    Also we have install this flooring in a bathroom, and have not caulked the toliet or the walls. Am I going to have problems? Toliet is installed with a wax ring. thanks for your help.

  • Hi Don
    Depending on how thick the wear layer is on that particular Tarkett style flooring you have you may be able to have it sanded and refinished once the flooring has dries and flattens back out. having that done “may” remove any water damaged stains. To properly seal around the toilet you would have to remove the toilet and apply a pure silicone caulking to where it was cut around the toilet flange. If that was not performed then any water leakage could seep under the flooring and cause problems with the flooring.

  • Chris

    2 years ago I bought some Tarkett Newport sku #41120001 from Menards, and now want to put more throughout the house but Menards does not carry it anymore. Where can I get more or is there a style that will match what I have? Thanks

  • Hi Chris,

    Unfortunately, when laminate manufacturers discontinue products it’s very difficult to find more down the road. We don’t have this particular product SKU# in stock.

    What we would probably recommend is going to a local showroom and looking at different samples of laminate floors that are similar to the ones from Tarkett that you currently have down. Most showrooms will let you take home samples, so you would be able to compare the new laminates available to what you have down and see what would be the closest match.

  • Luke Washa

    Hi, I have old tarkett flooring, trying to match with newer thicker stuff. Any way around it to make it level?? Like sanding down the newer board bottom??

  • Hi Luke,

    If you start tampering with the new boards, you’ll lose any warranty that comes with the flooring. Additionally, you can’t sand laminate flooring. The best option would be to use a threshold or reducer to transition from new to old.

  • Sue

    Would you have any suggestions for a laminate floor which Rejuvenate Floor Polish was used and now scratch marks show everywhere?

  • Hi Sue,

    The best advice we can give would be to try a little turpentine in an inconspicuous area of your laminate floor and see if that takes off the polish. Just put a little on a rag and rub the surface. Since we don’t sell the Rejuvenate, we really can’t say how it will react. However, turpentine works with taking off most cleaners/films. If it works on the small section that you try it out on, you can continue with the rest of the floor. Use caution though, as turpentine is very flammable. Use with plenty of ventilation in the room and no lit candles or lighters or anything like that.

  • Anthony

    I’m in the same boat as Leha. I want to bring the Autumn Walnut that is in the kitchen in to the dining room. If the Italian Walnut is a different thickness, what are my options? Is my only option to install a transition strip?

  • Hi Anthony,

    Unfortunately, a transition strip is going to be the easiest and probably the smoothest way to extend the laminate into the dining room. There are ways to adjust the height of a subfloor to make up for that 1/16th height difference, but the two different laminates won’t click together regardless, so it just wouldn’t be the smoothest transition.

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