Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The Canadian Way

By Crystal Hosking, Hosking Hardwood Flooring

Canada is known for many things. Hockey. The maple leaf. Excellent health care. Lakes.


You can now add hardwood flooring to that list. But why are Canadian brands flying past the competition when it comes to hardwood flooring quality?

In the flooring industry, the general consensus is that hardwood flooring products coming out of Canada are simply the best. One of the major benefits that Canadian mills have over other hardwood flooring manufacturers is that their machinery is constantly improving. With every technological advance, Canadian mills update their processes, ensuring that the best quality product on the market at the time is leaving through their warehouse doors.

Firstly, technological advances in machinery have made sorting raw material by grade easier. By taking out dependence on the human component and sending each plank through a computer to scan for character and color percentage, the Canadian mills offer grade levels with the smallest margin of error. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Technology currently in place tests for moisture content in multiple areas of each board, identifies optimal pieces for longer average lengths and determines the best finishing side of the particular plank. And, all along the way are quality check points. Lauzon boasts that throughout their entire manufacturing process, there are over 75 quality control checkpoints; a much higher number than your average hardwood flooring manufacturer.

The steps Canadian mills are taking to continuously improve technology are mutually beneficial for both the end consumer and the manufacturer. The end users will have hardwood flooring that will stand the test of time as well as peace of mind that they chose the highest quality flooring available. The manufacturer minimizes waste by using this advanced technology, therefore reducing costs and improving their ROI. All of these advanced processes cost a pretty penny, but for these premium Canadian manufacturers, ensuring a consistent high quality product to their end consumer is worth every cent.

Aside from having the most state of art machines, Canadian manufacturers definitely make the effort to educate their sales representatives and retail family. Of the top three Canadian manufacturers that we carry (Muskoka, Lauzon and Mont Royal), all three send their sales reps to our showrooms on a regular basis to update samples and educate our sales force on any new features/products. These sales reps for the Canadian mill are incredibly knowledgeable and constantly in touch, making it easier to sell their products and enforcing the fact that the end consumer is their number one priority. Furthermore, companies like Lauzon make sure their line of communication with the end user remains convenient and open by using their websites to supply the most up to date information on their products and their brand.


Ultimately, when you choose one of the premium Canadian hardwood flooring brands, you can rest assured that you’re getting the top quality that you’re paying for.


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