Sunday, March 29, 2020

WeCork: The Serenity Collection

by Crystal Hosking, Hosking Hardwood Flooring

It’s time to pop the cork and celebrate: there’s a new cork flooring product on the market causing quite a splash!

For years, consumers have loved the attributes of cork flooring, but opted for the more traditional look of hardwood for their homes. Now, with the Serenity Collection from WeCork, you don’t have to choose.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of a cork floor:

  • corksEnvironmentally Friendly || Cork flooring is created from a renewable source. Learn more detail on how cork is made here: Why Cork Flooring is an Environmentally Friendly Flooring Option.
  • Ultra Durable || Cork flooring bounces back. Place something heavy on cork flooring and instead of denting, you’ll find that it springs back to its original shape.
  • Thermal & Sound Insulation || No more cold feet in the morning. Cork flooring naturally absorbs and keeps heat locked in and it can also be used over radiant floor heating systems. Cork is also often used as a sound proofing material. This reduces sound transfer from room to room as well as offers a quiet tread while walking.
  • Moisture Resistant || Liquid spills are repelled by cork flooring, making clean up super easy.
  • Hypo-Allergenic || Mold, dust and mites don’t cling to cork flooring like they do to carpeting.
  • Anti-Bacterial || Cork flooring naturally resists the growth of bacteria.
  • Natural Cushion || Cork flooring is naturally soft underfoot & fragile items are less likely to break on cork flooring when compared to a fall onto a hard surface floor. Perfect for homes with kids!

What if your hardwood floor could have all these same benefits? Well, now it can! …with the new Serenity Collection from WeCork. From light hardwood flooring to dark hardwood flooring and everything in between, there’s an option to complement any room aesthetic.



WeCork uses digital printing technology to infuse the surface of their Serenity Collection cork flooring with high definition images of real hardwood flooring and real tile surfaces. Finish that off with a “Hot Coating,” and you get a beautiful oil-like, satin luster visual.


The “Hot Coating” finish infuses the Serenity Collection with the durability necessary to stand up to tough residential and commercial settings and is considered an AC5 Rating. The digital hardwood or tile visual won’t fade over time with use or exposure to light.

WeCork equipped this Serenity Collection with a Unilin locking system, making installation quite literally “a snap.” These floating cork floors can be installed over standard subfloors or over existing pvc or vinyl (cannot be installed over carpeting). It’s always recommended to use a plastic moisture barrier between the subfloor and the new cork flooring to retard any moisture that may be transferring up. Other than the moisture barrier, no other underlayment should be used. Feel free to install the floating Serenity Collection cork floors on, above or below grade levels (basements).

Floating cork flooring, much like floating hardwood flooring, needs room to move, so during installation it’s required to leave 3/8 IN. expansion gaps around room walls or other fixed objects.

The Serenity Collection from WeCork gives you all the features of a cork floor with all the beauty of a hardwood or tile look. Start shopping the hardwood styles or the tile styles now!


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