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What You Need To Know About Hard Wood Plank Flooring

Hardwood plank flooring (wood plank flooring | Wood plank floors)


There is nothing more beautiful than having a dramatic wide plank floor in your home. Whether you install it throughout your home or in a special room like a family room where you and your family entertain guests or just go to relax.   Using plank hardwood flooring in your home can add a distinctive dramatic feel.  The wider the plank wood flooring you use the more rustic the feel.  Plank hardwood flooring is even available in random widths where alternating board widths are installed to give the room a unique feature not normally found in homes. Plank wood flooring widths can range from 3”4″ - 5″6″ - 7″ - 8″ – 24” inches wide and is available in 3-5 different grades from a clear face with little or no mineral or character to a lot of knots and dark and light boards. If your tastes are modern but want a wider plank type floor then say a standard 2-1/4 wide or three inch wide board then use a 4 inch wide board the wider the board you use the more country the home will feel.  Manufacturers that produce prefinished plank hardwood flooring produce widths up to 7 inches that are stained and finished at the factory. Prefinished plank flooring is available in many rich colors. Plank flooring wider than 8 inches usually is only available unfinished.

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  • Dennis

    Hi Jeff,
    I was wondering how flat a 5/8″ tongue and groove subfloor needs to be to prevent 3/4″ x 5″ wide solid hardwood flooring from squeeking. I am planning on screwing the subfloor to the floor joists and glueing and nailing the hardwood to the subfloor. When I removed the old carpet and 3/8″ particle board from the existing floor, I found the plywood subfloor to be very dirty and had to sand it to remove the dirt, so the glue would hold. The subfloor is fairly smooth but I am sure there are areas where it may be plus or minus 1/16″ over an 18″ span. Will 3/4″ thick x 5″ wide black walnut conform to some waviness? I will likely put some leveling compound over the plywood joints as I had to recess the nails for sanding.

  • Hi Dennis
    Naturally the flatter the subfloor is the better but nothing is perfect. When installing wood flooring over a plywood subfloor we make sure the joints of the plywood are the same height and well secured. We walk along the whole subfloor to see if there is any bounce or squeaks within the whole floor if there is we re secure the plywood to the joists using 2-1/2 inch long deck screws (not drywall screws).

    3/4 inch thick tongue and groove flooring will actually stiffen and add strength to any floor system as long as it is nailed or stapled every 6-8 inches along the tongue of the boards when its being installed.

    I do not recommend direct gluing and stapling any 3/4 solid wood flooring down as the adhesive can restrict the natural movement of the new flooring which could cause the wood flooring to distort. Just nail or staple as described above. I would also use a 15 lb black felt paper as an underlayment paper overlapping the seams 4-6 inches. Which will also help elevate any squeaking and create a moisture retarder.

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