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Alloc Laminate Flooring

Alloc Laminate Flooring

Alloc Laminate Flooring is a laminate manufacturer internationally famous for their top of the line laminate floors and constant innovations. Alloc Laminate offers both High Pressure Laminates and Direct Pressure Laminates. They also offer a unique aluminum locking system in the Alloc Original Collection, the Alloc Commercial Collection and the Alloc Domestic Collection. Homeowners also love the wax-impregnated edges found on Alloc Laminate flooring products, which increases water resistance. In a move to make installation even easier, Alloc has created a Monotrack for quick installation of the matching moldings for their laminate floors. Alloc Laminate floors are becoming harder and harder to get in the United States, as these products need to be shipped from overseas — but can afford to wait the longer than usual shipping times, Alloc is a product well worth it.


Tarkett Laminate Flooring

Tarkett Laminate Flooring ( Tarkett Laminate Floors)

Tarkett LaminateTarkett Laminate Flooring is a reliable choice for your home. Currently, Tarkett Laminate has five collections in their laminate line: New Frontiers (featuring exotic wood species), Journeys, Cross Country, Trek (Value Collection) and Escapade (Value Collection). Many of the collections from Tarkett Laminate come with a Lifetime Warranty (Value Collections are 25 years) and feature the Tarkett Americore — meaning that their laminate flooring collections (except for Value Collections) are produced with 100% hardwood core boards (Cherry & Oak), ensuring superior durability and indentation resistance.

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2-1/4 Solid White Oak Flooring – Best Value at the Best Price!

Solid White Oak Hardwood Flooring ( Solid Hardwood Floors)

White Oak Flooring

Ever kick yourself for not purchasing something you have seen when it’s at a great low price and later find it’s no longer available or at that same low price? I know I have and it hurts when I could have saved 50% or more.  If you have been looking for quality  2-1/4 wide solid oak flooring for your home now’s your chance to save big! We have this solid wood flooring in 2 popular colors for the low price of  $3.49 SQ.FT

We also have many other great deals on 3-1/4 wide solid oak flooring available in 3 popular colors for $2.99 SQ.FT you will not find this quality for this low price.

Take advantage of this huge sale before it’s all gone.  White oak flooring is harder than red oak, more stable, has a more gentle graining than Red oak flooring and is more a light to medium brown- gold color in the natural color.

There is simply no better or easier way to buy your White Oak Hardwood flooring. We ship it directly to your Home!



QuickStep Laminate Flooring- Never a compromise!

QuickStep Laminate Flooring (Quick Step Laminate Floors)

QuickstepQuickstep1QuickStep Laminate Flooring is known all over the world as a premium manufacturer of top quality laminate flooring products. Not only do they offer a wide array of laminate flooring styles, textures, colors and patterns, but they do it better than most other brands. One of the newer collections from Quickstep, the Sculptique line, is growing in popularity because of its wide single board construction and it’s cozy, rustic appeal.

Other hugely popular collections from QuickStep Laminate are Perspective 4, QuickStep Quadra Stone & Slate, QuickStep Elegance and QuickStep Classic. QuickStep Laminate is the first laminate manufacturer to introduce a 3-strip laminate with 2 movable strips on each board. This Linesse Collection allows the installer to stagger the strips on each board, making the end result look even more like a traditional hardwood floor. Also included in the QuickStep product showcase are Arte Medallions, which are squares of patterns, which add an interesting intricacy to any laminate floor. Quicksteps entry level laminate flooring called Steps is still a quality floor.  Their Home collection is the most popular collection among many.  For those who desire that tile look but don’t want that cold hard feel of actual real ceramic tile, Quicksteps Quadra Ceramic tile look would fit the bill and add durablity.

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Pergo Laminate Flooring – Whats in a Name?

Pergo Laminate Flooring

pergoPergoIf there’s one laminate flooring brand in the United States that everyone has heard of, it’s Pergo Laminate. Pergo does a great job of offering only the most popular styles, colors and textures in their laminate collections. Pergo Laminate flooring also offers something for every budget! If you’re on a tight budget and need some basic laminate, take a look at the Pergo Laminate Floor Everyday collection. Pergo Laminate also stays ahead of other laminate flooring brands by offering collections with a pre-attached underlayment, making DIY installation even easier than before! The Pergo Elegant Expressions Collection and the Pergo Accolade Collection both feature this attached underlayment, so there is no need to purchase or install a conventional laminate underlayment before installation of the floor. This saves not only your time, but also your money. For more commercial settings, Pergo has created their Commercial Narrow Strip and Commercial Plank Collections. These two collections feature extra tough laminate products with a 10 year light commercial warranty, with the same attention to detail and precision image quality they use in their other lines. These Commercial collections can also be used in Residential settings for homeowners who want the extra durability that comes with this Pergo collection.

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Mowhawk Laminate Flooring

Mohawk Laminate Flooring (Mohawk Laminate Floors)

MowhawkMohawk Laminate Flooring, is all about keeping their products “Green.” Mohawk Laminate floors makes sure that there is at least 50% pre-consumer recycled content in all of the laminate floor collections they produce. Mohawk Laminate flooring has also developed and improved upon the technology they use every day to create realistic laminate imitations of real wood flooring products with laminate floor collections such as the Hemispheres collection Earthworks collection, Handworks collection and the Traditions collection and Elements collections. In addition to 1-strip, 2-strip  and 3-strip wood flooring styles, Mohawk French Quarter Laminate flooring also offers a 3-1/2” wide herringbone laminate (17” in length) and an array of porcelain and ceramic tile laminate styles.

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Mannington Laminate Flooring

Mannington Laminate Flooring (Mannington Laminate Floors)

Mannington LaminateMannington Laminate Flooring offers homeowners a full line of laminate flooring products — all included in the Mannington Coordinations Collection (3-strip, 2-strip, 1-strip laminates), the Mannington Revolutions Plank & Tile Collection (1-strip planks, micro beveled edges), and the Mannington Value Lock Collection (basic styles & low pricing). From traditional to country to contemporary — whatever the style of your home, you will find a Mannington Laminate floor to accent it perfectly!

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Bruce Laminate Flooring

Bruce Laminate Flooring (Bruce Laminate Floors)

BruceLaminateBruce Laminate Flooring is manufactured by Armstrong Industries and echoes many of the Armstrong Laminate collections and laminate flooring.  Bruce Laminate flooring showcases a wide variety of wood and tile styles, with all price points accounted for.

The Bruce Laminate high gloss Park Ave collection is comparable to the Grand Illusions from Armstrong Laminate but available in different colors: 12mm thick, 30 year warranty, micro-beveled edges & ends, 1-strip, 5 IN. wide. The Park Ave is a Premium laminate flooring from Bruce Laminate and it has been selling out of stock ever since it was first introduced.

BruGardenStoneBruce Laminate floors also offer a Tile and Stone look with their Gardenstone collection for a very unique and durable floor.

Another standout product from Bruce Laminate is their Reserve Premium Collection. This features a 13mm thick board (that’s over ½” thick!) and all the amazing definition technology capable of making these laminate floor look exactly like real hardwood flooring. More Laminate flooring options are available from Bruce with their American Home Collection that contain many delightful colors and wood styles to choose from.

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Armstrong Laminate Flooring – It sure looks real!

Armstrong Laminate Flooring (Armstrong Laminate floors)


Armstrong Laminate Flooring is one of the most recognizable laminate flooring brands in the United States. Armstrong Laminate carries a wide range of laminate flooring styles at various price points, so there really is something for everyone. Homeowners love the Armstrong Nature’s Gallery collection, which imitates natural wood and tile products precisely. In the Nature’s Gallery collection, you will find everything from domestic wood species to exotic wood species, rustic looks and porcelain, stone and ceramic tile. Armstrong Laminate also makes Cumberland II and Woodland Park as a basic value collection, great for anyone working with a tight budget.

One of the product lines that Armstrong is proudest of is their Grand Illusions collection. Grand Illusions is boasted to ArmCoastalbe the most realistic looking laminate flooring collection on the market today. The Grand Illusions collection features all 1-strip products, with a glossy sheen, a tiny micro bevel and MasterWorks technology (for a pristine image of real wood products). These are 5 IN. wide boards and they ideally click together like the rest of the Armstrong Laminate line, for quick and easy installation! After all of the talk about Grand Illusions after it was introduced, Armstrong Laminate created two more collections to compliment the Grand Illusions: Coastal Living which ties in all the colors of a beach front living and Rustics Premium.

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Mirage Hardwood Flooring – Is it simply a Mirage?

Mirage Hardwood Flooring

Mirage Hardwood Flooring is a Canadian manufacturer of wood floors that do not wish to have their flooring sold online. If you are interested in the Mirage flooring we are an authorized dealer of Mirage Hardwood Floors and can get you the exact Mirage solid or engineered wood floor that you’re looking for at a great price.  We also recommend taking a look at Muskoka Hardwood Flooring before settling on a Mirage Hardwood Flooring.  Muskoka is an old and very high end Canadian manufacturer with products that meet and in some cases surpass quality of Mirage Hardwood Flooring products at a better price.

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