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Columbia Hardwood Flooring

ColumbiaColumbia Hardwood Flooring (Columbia Wood Flooring | Columbia Hardwood Floors)

Columbia Hardwood Flooring has recently revamped their entire solid and engineered hardwood flooring brand, keeping only the two most popular Columbia Hardwood collections: Adams Oak and Taylor Oak. Both of these Columbia Hardwood collections are solid wood products and have been a staple in the Columbia Hardwood brand for many years. In addition to these traditional oak floors, Columbia plans soon to unveil their “Character Floors” and “Domestic Exotic Floors” collections. Columbia Hardwood Flooring manufacturers all of their collections in the United States and adheres to the strict “Greenworks” program in all aspects of the manufacturing process. For more information on Columbia Hardwood Flooring


Cikel Exotic Wood Flooring – The Best There Is!

Cikel Exotic Hardwood Flooring (Cikel Wood Flooring | Cikel Hardwood Floors | Cikel Exotic Wood Flooring)

CikelIf you simply want the very best Exotic Hardwood Flooring on the market Cikel wood flooring (pronounced Sa-kel) is your choice. Cikel Exotic Flooring is a manufacturer based around the world with locations in Brazil, the United States and around Europe. Cikel Exotic Flooring is known for producing top quality flooring products in both solid (Brasilia collection) and engineered constructions. Cikel Exotic Flooring even manufacturers a Exotic hand scraped wood flooring collection called Vila Velha . Cikel Exotic hardwood flooring makes sure that all homeowners can afford to put an exotic hardwood floor in their home by creating a wide range of collections for every type of budget.

One of the most notable collections is the Cikel Exotic Leblon Engineered (3-1/4 IN. or 5 IN. widths). The Leblon Engineered collection from Cikel Exotic features a 3mm wear layer, allowing the engineered floor to be sanded and refinished 3 to 4 times over the lifetime of the floor, if needed. You can find all the most popular exotic wood species in this Leblon Engineered collection from Cikel, as well as in their other engineered and solid hardwood collections.

For more information on Cikel Exotic Wood Flooring


BR111 Exotic Hardwood Flooring

BR111 Exotic Hardwood Flooring (BR111 Wood Flooring | BR111 Hardwood Floors | BR111 Exotic Wood Floors)

BR111BR111 Exotic Hardwood Flooring is one of the top brands in the Exotic Hardwood flooring market. BR111 Exotic Flooring only works with exotic wood species and homeowners love the breadth of their product offering as well as their commitment to not only the environment they are working with, but also to the socio-economic responsibility they have in the Brazilian communities they produce in. Their most popular products can be found in their solid collections — featuring widths from 3 IN. to 7-3/4 IN. BR111 also has created an “Antiquity Hand Scraped” collection, which is a solid hardwood flooring collection with old world charm and an antiqued appearance. For more information on BR111 Hardwood Flooring


Bruce Hardwood Flooring

Bruce Hardwood Flooring (Bruce Wood Flooring | Bruce Hardwood Floors)

BruceBruce Hardwood Flooring has been around since 1884, which is probably why it’s the most recognized hardwood flooring brand in the country. Bruce wood flooring is manufactured by parent company Armstrong Hardwood Flooring. Bruce Hardwood Flooring offers endless varieties of their hardwood flooring collections, so even the most discriminating homeowners will find exactly what they are looking for with Bruce Hardwood.

The best selling solid hardwood flooring collection from Bruce Hardwood Flooring is by far the Dundee Strip and Dundee Plank. This flooring collection features Micro Beveled Edges and Square Ends and is manufactured from both Red Oak and White Oak. The Dundee collection is offered in all of the most popular stain colors from Bruce Hardwood, including a Red Oak Natural and Red Oak Butterscotch. Because of the extreme popularity of the Dundee Strip and 3-1/4” wide Plank, Bruce Hardwood recently created their Dundee collection in 3 IN., 4 IN. and 5 IN. widths (which can be mixed for the popular random width appearance).

Also growing in popularity, is the Turlington Lock & Fold collection from Bruce Hardwood Flooring. This is an affordable click locking collection of floating floors in 3 IN. and 5 IN. widths featuring a variety of wood species (Maple, Oak, Hickory, Cherry & Walnut) and stain colors. Click locking engineered flooring products (glueless) are becoming more sought after because of the incredibly easy installation — especially in DIY situations.

Other popular hardwood flooring collections from Bruce Hardwood Flooring include their new ¾” thick engineered Westchester Plank, Bruce Natural Choice (formerly Natural Reflections), Bruce Liberty Plains (3 IN., 4 IN., 5 IN. widths) and Bruce Turlington American Exotic Hardwood Flooring. For more information on Bruce Hardwood Flooring


Award Hardwood Flooring

Award Hardwood Flooring (Award Wood Flooring | Award Hardwood Floors)

AwardAward Hardwood Flooring is an American wood flooring manufacturer based out of Wisconsin, famous for their WEARMAX ceramic finish. Award Hardwood Flooring longstrip products have become more and more popular, as click locking installation has made DIY installation easier for homeowners than ever before. The product offering from Award Hardwood Flooring includes domestic and exotic wood species in Longstrip, engineered and solid hardwood constructions. Customers love Award Flooring because Award is a small manufacturer with the highest quality products, incredible attention to detail and great innovations — all of which helps to create one of the top products manufactured in the United States today.  For more on Award Hardwood Flooring


Armstrong Hardwood Flooring

Armstrong Hardwood Flooring (Armstrong Wood Flooring | Armstrong Hardwood Floors)

ArmstrongArmstrong Wood Flooring is one of the leading manufacturers of hardwood flooring in the United States. Armstrong Hardwood Flooring (also known as Hartco Wood Flooring), offers everything — from engineered to solid hardwood flooring, from domestic wood species to exotic wood species, from square edges and ends to micro-bevel, from low gloss to semi gloss, from narrow strips to extra wide planks — there really is something for every home from Armstrong Hardwood Flooring.

Premier Performance from Armstrong Hardwood Flooring may be one of the most talked about collections of the year, featuring a 35 year residential warranty and an Acrylic Infused wear layer, creating an extra-durable surface. In addition, one of the most popular engineered and solid collections from Armstrong Hardwood Flooring is their Valenza collection. The Valenza collection from Armstrong Hardwood features the most popular exotic wood species in both a ¾” thick solid wood floor construction and also a 5/8” thick engineered wood floor with a thick wear layer.

In addition to the vast array of styles available from Armstrong Hardwood Flooring, there is also something for every price range, so even homeowners on a strict budget can put a top quality Armstrong Hardwood Floor in their home. For more information on Armstrong Hardwood Flooring


Anderson Hardwood Floors

Anderson Hardwood Flooring (Anderson Wood Flooring | Anderson Hardwood Floors)

AndersonAnderson Hardwood Flooring is an American manufacturer best known for creating the best handscraped and antiqued hardwood flooring boards in the flooring industry. The best selling collection from Anderson Hardwood is their Virginia Vintage collection, which features their specialized hand scraping technique. The Virginia Vintage collection is available in both engineered and solid hardwood flooring constructions and in a variety of widths, including a random plank flooring width option.

In addition to their Virginia Vintage collection, Anderson Hardwood Flooring has also created an “Anderson” brand and an “Appalachian” brand. The Anderson hardwood flooring brand features the hugely popular Coastal Art collection (imitating the weathered appearance of beach homes) and the Exotic Impressions collection (with a beautiful array of exotic wood species featuring a unique 3-D opalescence appearance). The Appalachian wood flooring brand from Anderson features collections like the award winning Vineyard collection and the wildly popular Anderson Colonial Manor solid wood flooring collection.

Anderson Hardwood Flooring mostly works with engineered hardwood flooring constructions, but you can also find solid hardwood flooring selections featuring their highly sought after handscraped technique. Anderson Hardwood has also created a number of collections without their hand scraping (smooth surface) for their customers who still want Anderson Hardwood Flooring top quality, but for a more formal setting. For more information on Anderson Hardwood Flooring


What You Need To Know About Hard Wood Plank Flooring

Hardwood plank flooring (wood plank flooring | Wood plank floors)


There is nothing more beautiful than having a dramatic wide plank floor in your home. Whether you install it throughout your home or in a special room like a family room where you and your family entertain guests or just go to relax.   Using plank hardwood flooring in your home can add a distinctive dramatic feel.  The wider the plank wood flooring you use the more rustic the feel.  Plank hardwood flooring is even available in random widths where alternating board widths are installed to give the room a unique feature not normally found in homes. Plank wood flooring widths can range from 3”4″ - 5″6″ - 7″ - 8″ – 24” inches wide and is available in 3-5 different grades from a clear face with little or no mineral or character to a lot of knots and dark and light boards. If your tastes are modern but want a wider plank type floor then say a standard 2-1/4 wide or three inch wide board then use a 4 inch wide board the wider the board you use the more country the home will feel.  Manufacturers that produce prefinished plank hardwood flooring produce widths up to 7 inches that are stained and finished at the factory. Prefinished plank flooring is available in many rich colors. Plank flooring wider than 8 inches usually is only available unfinished.

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All About Hand Scraped Hard Wood Flooring

Hand scraped hardwood floors (Hand scraped wood flooring | Hand scraped wood floors)

FloorScraping2There’s a renewed interest in Old! Back in the early centuries before big precision machinery were invented Hardwood Flooring boards were cut from logs using long two man hand saws. Since there were no motorized machine planers invented yet to run these wood boards through to smooth the surface, they were simply installed showing the heavy rough sawn blade marks or they were installed where workers would then tediously hand scraped the hard wood flooring flat using wide sharp steel scraping blades or draw knifes.  Quality of smoothness of the hardwood floors often depended quite a bit on the craftsmanship of the men doing the scraping. The outcome usually showed distinctive gouges and grooves within the surface of the wood flooring  More care was used in the more affluent homes and less care and attentiveness was given to homes rural settings or farm houses creating quite a different look.

In the early 1900s hand scraping wood flooring by hand was eventually replaced by the portable electric sanding machines that would sand the unevenness from a hardwood floor after it was installed. As time progressed more precision sanding machines were introduced that turned the old uneven hardwood flooring into a finely finished floor.  Hand scraping wood floors were a thing of the past.

Approx 10 years ago there seemed to be a revival of that old rustic hand scraped hardwood floor charm and character. Hardwood Flooring manufacturers who cater to the interior designers/decorators were told that that the aged worn look of was in vogue. Influencing some manufacturers to produced their own versions of what they thought hand scraped wood flooring should look like, some were realistic and some were not.

Some manufacturers offer their hand scraped wood flooring or sculptured hardwood flooring by simply running their hardwood flooring boards through machines called shapers that creates 5-6 furrows down the whole center of the board. This gives the boards a very wavy look.

Other manufacturers actually have artisans uniquely hand scrape and gouge the surface of the wood floor boards prior to them being prefinished at the factory.

Coming from a long history of restoring and duplicating these  beautifully old worn hardwood floors, I personally prefer the authentic look that replicate areas within the floor where items may have been dropped over the years causing dents or chips within the hardwood flooring surface or worn areas within the wood flooring.  Using older stain colors uniquely adds depth and age to re create that old world charm of  true handscraped wood flooring.  For More information on Hand Scraped wood flooring.


Can I Use Solid Wood Flooring in Basements?

Solid Wood Flooring in Basements (Solid wood floors in basements | Solid hardwood floors in basements)

3/4 inch thick Solid wood flooring is more susceptible to moisture than an engineered wood floor so it should not be directly glued down over a concrete slab because it may absorb any moisture from a damp basement or moisture transfer from the concrete slab.

If you have a finished basement that has been dry for years and want to take a chance, then I would recommend laying a layer of 4-6 mil plastic vapor barrier directly over the concrete running the plastic 4 inches up the walls, over lap and tape all joints with duck tap. Then glue and screw two layers of 1/2 inch thick CDX plywood together (the top plywood layer running in the opposite direction to the bottom layer). Then lay a course of 15 lb black hardwood flooring felt paper over the plywood overlaping the seams by 4-6 inches.  Then install the 3/4 inch solid wood flooring over that.

Remember that you will be adding a total height of 1-1/4 inches which may interfere with existing baseboard heating heights or doorways.

To eliminate the extra cost factor  to build this additional subfloor you may be better off using a Floating engineered wood floor which can be installed directly over the 4-6 mil plastic and the foam pad.

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